The Possibility of Uniting 11 Million

When we talk About Us at UnitedWeStay, we’re including all 11 million of us, who are making our way in this country as we work and search for the fulfillment of its promise with a promise of our own -- to make the U.S. a more diverse, stronger and ultimately greater nation.


Sharing our Stories

UnitedWeStay was founded as a gathering place for undocumented Americans to share our powerful stories and to showcase these thousands, even millions of stories, as a force to be reckoned with in rewriting immigration history.


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Following the News
 Influencing the Narrative

 It’s impossible to change anything if we’re unaware of what’s going on -- in our community and across the nation. Being well-informed increases our ability to influence events. Knowledge is power and collective knowledge changes everything. But it’s not enough to be informed. We must take action. Our stories have the power to rewrite the news, to rewrite the history of this country.

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